Who is the number one bass fisherman in the world?

Jacob Wheeler heads into the off-season sitting atop the BassFan World Rankings for the third consecutive year. The Bass Pro Tour Angler of the Year and three-time winner this season holds a lead of nearly 39 points over No.

Who is the best bass fisherman in the world right now?


Place Angler Winnings
1 Jacob Wheeler $388,998
2 Ott DeFoe $278,257
3 Brent Ehrler $120,998
4 Michael Neal $191,998

Who is the richest pro bass fisherman?

The richest professional fisherman of all time is Kevin VanDam. He began his career with B.A.S.S. in 1987 and has won many competitions and titles since, including the Bassmaster Classic, Angler of the Year, and the Forrest Wood Cup. He has a total of 25 first place finishes with B.A.S.S.

Who is the best angler of all time?

The Top 5 Most Legendary Fishermen

  1. Ernest Hemingway. Remember Santiago from Hemingway’s “Old Man and the Sea”? …
  2. Thomas M. Gifford.
  3. Michael Lerner.
  4. Curt Gowdy. Not only was he a legendary fisherman, but a legendary sports spokesman as well. …
  5. Ted Williams.
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How much does Kevin Van Dam make a year?

Tournament Statistics

Total Tournaments 314
Top 20 Finishes 177
Top 30 Finishes 220
Total Weight 11857lb – 10oz
Career Winnings $6,447,476.33

Is Jacob Wheeler the best fisherman?

With 10 major professional wins under his belt and tournament winnings surpassing $2.5 million, Jacob Wheeler is widely recognized as one of the top tournament bass fishermen in the world.

Who has the most Bassmaster Elite Series wins?

Most B.A.S.S. Wins: Kevin VanDam, 20 Kevin VanDam likes winning. He’s done it 20 times during his tenure at B.A.S.S. His next-closest competitor is Roland Martin, 19, followed by Denny Brauer, 17.

How rich is Kevin VanDam?

Kevin Net worth

Kevin VanDam is an American professional bass fisherman who has a net worth of $8 million.

What is KVD biggest bass?

Photo: Bassmaster.com

Kevin VanDam called his 11-13 “a gift.” Kevin VanDam stunned the crowd on the first day of the Lewisville Bassmaster Elite 50 when he brought a giant, massive, eye-popping 11-13 monster to the scales. The fish was a new lake record by a half-pound, and it anchored a 24-02 limit.

What is Edwin worth?

He was the 2016 Bassmaster Classic Champion with a total weigh in of 60lbs -7oz and took the cash winnings of $300,000 (US). As of March 2017 he has had 11 wins in Bassmaster Professional Tournaments.

Edwin Evers (fisherman)

Edwin Evers
Known for Sport fishing
Awards 2016 B.A.S.S. Classic Champion 2019 MLF REDCREST Champion

Who is the goat of bass fishing?

We met Andy Morgan on the lake – Andy is known as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) on the FLW Tour, and one of the best bass fishermen of all time. We were excited to get out on a legendary bass fishing lake with a legendary bass fisherman.

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Who is the oldest professional bass fisherman?

In 2001, he was inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame. On February 12, 2019, Clunn beat his own record as the oldest angler to win a Bassmaster Elite Series event at 72 years old.

Who has won the most bass tournaments?

All-time record book

Most B.A.S.S. tournaments won: 26, Kevin VanDam.

Who is the richest fisherman?

Kevin VanDam (born October 14, 1967), often called simply “KVD,” is a professional bass fisherman from Otsego, Michigan. He is the all-time money winner in professional bass fishing, having earned $6,261,476.33 through September 2017.