Where can I fish in Texas City Dike?

How much does it cost to fish at Texas City Dike?

It is free during the winter months and summer weekdays (Mondays through Thursdays — unless they are holidays). On holiday weekends (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the Fourth of July and Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday on Memorial Day and Labor Day) the fee will be $20 per vehicle per day.

Do you need a fishing license to fish at Texas City Dike?

Yes, to a license, and there are enforced limits.

How deep is the Texas City Dike?

The dike is parallel to and north of the 50-foot deep, 600-foot wide Texas City Channel, which allows shipping traffic to access the Port of Texas City.

Can you swim at Texas City Dike?

Both sides of the dike are great for fishing. One side has nice beaches for fishing, families, and swimming, and the other side is great for fishing.

Where is the best fishing in Texas City?

Top 10 Best Fishing Spots in Texas City, TX

  • The Texas City Dike. 4.7 mi. 33 reviews. …
  • 61st Street Fishing Pier. 12.0 mi. Fishing. …
  • Walter Hall Park. 11.9 mi. Parks. …
  • Galveston Fishing Pier. 11.8 mi. Fishing. …
  • Eagle Point Fishing Camp. 7.7 mi. …
  • Reel Men Fishing Charters. 12.3 mi. …
  • Seawolf Park. 11.6 mi. …
  • League City Park. 11.4 mi.
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Is camping allowed on Texas City Dike?

3 answers. Yes you can take your RV onto the Texas City dike. … You can take an RV onto the parking lots, but no camping is allowed.

Can you make a fire at Texas City Dike?

Can I have a camp fire on the dike? … No open fires are allowed.

How do I get a Texas City Dike sticker?

Texas City News

Come pick up your new Dike stickers at City Hall Customer Service. Account holders please bring your photo ID, 2 stickers per household, if you live in an apartment complex bring in a copy of your lease and photo ID.

How long is the Galveston fishing Pier?

Galveston’s longest fishing pier, established in 1971, 1100′ of pier to fish from!

Do you need a fishing license for catch and release in Texas?

Each state is responsible for issuing fishing licenses, so the requirements and regulations can vary depending on which state you live in. But for the most part, for catch and release fishing, you will likely require a license. … Some state parks offer the opportunity to fish without a license, for example in Texas.