Where can I fish at Dutch Gap?

Can you fish at Dutch Gap?

Dutch Gap is home to bald cypresses. It is an ornithologist’s dream – providing delightful bird watching opportunities. The southern section, a 4.5-mile trail loop includes a freshwater tidal lagoon that is a favorite spot for anglers in search of bass.

What kind of fish are in Dutch Gap?

A great tidal bass and catfish fishery featuring largemouth bass, flathead catfish, blue catfish and channel catfish. The Virginia state record blue catfish was caught here and many trophy sized fish are caught every year.

Where can I fish on the James River?

Public boat access in the freshwater fishing section the tidal James River is available at:

  • Ancarrow Landing, in Richmond.
  • Osborne Landing in Henrico County.
  • Dutch Gap in Chesterfield County.
  • Deep Bottom in Henrico County.
  • Chickahominy Riverfront Park in James City County.
  • Lawnes Creek Landing in Surry County.
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What fish are biting in the James River now?

Smallmouth bass are the dominant game species, but spotted and large mouth bass can also be caught. Other species are also plentiful in the James River, including channel catfish, flathead catfish, and various sunfish species (redbreast, bluegill, and rock bass).

Where can I catch big catfish on the James River?

Some of Jones’ favorite catfish lairs are the 295-bridge area on the main stem of the river, Deep Bottom, Hopewell and the Benjamin Harrison Bridge area. The Hopewell area and the Benjamin Harrison Bridge are located near the mouth of the Appomattox River, which is the home of the former state-record blue cat.

Is the James River good for fishing?

Smallmouth bass are the dominant game species, but spotted and largemouth bass can also be caught. Smallmouth bass fishing will be good throughout the river. … Overall, the James River offers an excellent fishing opportunity for whatever you might want.

What is biting in the Chesapeake Bay?

Our primary targets are Cobia, Red Drum, Spanish Mackerel, and an assortment of bottom fish. This is by far some of the best fishing of the year as we chase the Cobia and Red Drum that average between 30 and 60lbs.

What fish are in the James River South Dakota?

James River is located in Sanborn County, South Dakota. When fishing, anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Channel Catfish, Northern Pike, Walleye and Yellow Bullhead.

Are there eels in the James River?

“Eel wrangler” holding American eel found in recent survey of James River in Virginia. … While many eels choose to stay near the coast, others swim hundreds of miles upstream—even into mountain streams—where they will live for a decade or more until they return to the Sargasso Sea to reproduce and die.

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What’s the best bait to use in the James river?

Use fresh cut bait (various species of the shad family) in deep holes, on shallow flats, along dropoffs, and all sorts of other places. The river is full of blue catfish, and if you keep trying different locations, you’ll find some.

How deep is the James river at Dutch Gap?

In the twentieth century, the canal has continued to be improved. By 1916, the channel of the James, including the Dutch Gap Canal, was 22 feet deep; since 1940, it had obtained its current depth of 25 feet.

Can you boat on the James river?

The James River is a wonderful destination for recreation and enjoyment. Canoeing, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and swimming are some of the activities that people enjoy along the river during the summer. … The river has many the boat landings that provide an ideal and pleasant place for recreational boating and fishing.

How much does it cost to fish on the James River Pier?

The James River Pier, located at the foot of the James River Bridge, is now open summer hours – 8am – 11pm (Mondays and Tuesdays) and 24 hours beginning 8am Wednesdays through 11pm Sundays). The cost is $9 for adults and $7 for seniors and children 6-12.

What fish are in the Richmond River?

The Richmond River

A wide range of bream, whiting, flathead, jewfish, trevally, blackfish, mangrove jack and tailor swim this river and its offshoots.

Are sturgeon in the James River?

Atlantic sturgeon can be found on the James River, from the Chesapeake Bay to the Falls of the James, during their spring and fall migrations. … Atlantic sturgeon in the James River were listed as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 2012.

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