What kind of fish are found in Nepal?

Most cultured fish species include rohu, naini, bhakur, common carp, grass carp, silver carp and bighead carp. Apart from this, rainbow trout along with tilapia, Puntius, and Pangasius are also reared in small number.

Which fishes are only found in Nepal?

Checklist of fishes species endemic to Nepal (only Found in Nepal)

  • Schizothorax macrophthalmus (Nepalese snow trout) …
  • Schizothorax nepalensis (Tikhe Asla) …
  • Schizothorax raraensis (Rara snowtrout) …
  • Psilorhynchus pseudechenesis (Stone carp) …
  • Myersglanis blythi (Stone cat fish) …
  • Batasio macronotus. …
  • Erethistoids ascita.

Does Nepal have salmon?

But overfishing, habitat loss and failures of conservation have led to massive depletion of this magnificent fish. Taking a roundabout route via Muscat and Moscow, the Nepali fishermen landed in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport 43 hours after leaving Kathmandu.

Which fish is best for farming in Nepal?

Fisheries and aquaculture production

Warm water fish species such as Rohu (Labeo rohita), Bhakur (Catla catla), and Naini (Cirrhina mrigala) and common carp (Cyprinus carpio) introduced in 1956 from India are main species cultured at a commercial scale in Nepal.

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Which district is famous for fish in Nepal?

The major fish production districts are Bara, Dhanusha, Saptari, Rupandehi, Mahottari, and Chitwan of terai region of Nepal.

Does Nepal have fish?

In Nepal, fish farming is done in ponds, rice fields, enclosures, cages, reservoirs, lakes, raceways and marginal swamps. The major varieties of fishes reared are carp like common carp, Chinese major carp (silver carp, grass carp and bighead carp), and Indian major carp (rohu, catla and mrigala).

Which district of Nepal has no fish?


Machhegaun मच्छेगाऊ
Coordinates:27.66°N 85.25°ECoordinates:27.66°N 85.25°E
Country Nepal
Province No. 3
District Kathmandu District

What is the price of fish in Nepal?

Wholesale prices of various types of fish produced in Nepal range from Rs 180 to Rs 220 per kg, up from Rs 160 to Rs 180 previously. Retail prices are between Rs 280 and Rs 300 per kg against Rs 250 to Rs 270 a year ago. However, prices of fish imported from India have remained unchanged over the year.

How many types of fish are there in Nepal?

Nepal has a wide variety of fish with about 200 species available, of which around 190 are indigenous species and remaining are exotic species.

What do you call salmon fish in Nepali?

English to Nepali Dictionary – Meaning of Salmon in Nepali is : माछा, सामन

Why fish farming is suitable in Nepal?

The abundant availability of water resources makes Nepal a country with potential for fish farming. … The majority of the fish productions are coming from eastern terai region, with some hilly districts developing themselves as a good hub for rainbow trout, a cold water fish species.

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Is fish farming profitable in Nepal?

In Nepal, fish farming is considered a profitable, occupation and source of income for people. The climate and nature of soil are also suitable for fish pond construction in different parts of the country. … Then, the reason behind abundant water resources is the many rivers, lakes, ponds, and streams.

How many species of mammals are found in Nepal?

Mammals. There are 208 mammal species reported including 28 species outside the limits of the protected areas but excluding four known extinct species.

What is Boal fish English?

It is commonly known as helicopter catfish or wallago catfish. Some regional designations, such as the Manipuri Sareng, the Bengal Boal, the Sylheti Gual or the Malaysian and Indonesian Tapah are also occasionally used in English.

Wallago attu
Family: Siluridae
Genus: Wallago
Species: W. attu
Binomial name

How many endemic fishes are there in Nepal?

There are 92 indigenous cold fish species in Nepal. The family Cyprinidae dominates with 46 species, followed by the family Sisoridae with 13 species and the family Balitoridae with 6 species. Some of the Nepal cold water fish species show a resemblance with the fish from Kashmir of India and Afghanistan.

Can you go fishing in Nepal?

The best season for fishing in Nepal is from October to November and February to May. Some prominent fishing areas are Karnali, Babai in Bardiya, Chitwan’s river confluences, Dolalghat, on Kodari Highway and Pokhara’s lakes. Most significantly, Karnali River is gifted with good fishing spot for the fishing enthusiast.

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