What is Vanjaram fish in English?

Vanjaram fish name in English is Seer Fish, King Fish or Indo-Pacific King Mackerel. The Binomial name is Scomberomorus guttatus.

Is King Fish a Vanjaram?

King fish also called as vanjaram in Tamil is an unbeatable fish which is available in South India and very popular fish especially in Tamil Nadu. It comes in different sizes. Smaller to medium sizes and comes in huge size too. … Vanjaram also known by other names like surmai or seer fish is a family favourite fish.

Which fish is Vanjaram?

Vanjaram/King fish, Seer fish is considered to be delicacy due to its luscious and tantalizing taste. It is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids . Large slices of seer fish have thick flesh and muscles that boost its tang and flavor. You can now enjoy hassle-free cooking with vanjaram fish pieces.

Is mackerel a Vanjaram?

Spanish mackerel is very much liked for its delicacy in various regions of South India and Sri Lanka. In Tamil Nadu, this fish is called “Vanjaram” and is usually the costliest variety available.

Is King Fish same as seer fish?

These recent encounters with surmai got me thinking of my rekindled love for—to use its English name—Indo-Pacific king mackerel, aka seer fish or kingfish. It’s a fish with quite a romantic air, really. Ocean anglers know of it as a fighter, a strong fish, its strength perhaps reflected in its firm flesh.

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Is Vanjaram sea fish?

Indo-Pacific king mackerel or popularly (spotted) seer fish (Scomberomorus guttatus) is a sea fish among the mackerel variety of fishes. … In Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, this fish is called “Vanjaram” in Tamil/Telugu as well as “Shermai” among Dakhni people and is usually the costliest variety available.

Is Vanjaram fish good for health?

It is favorite fish variety among og the world because of its great taste and health benefits. Seer fish reduce the risk of heart disease as it contains healthy omega 3 fatty acids which reduce the lower inflation. It also contains protein, vitamin B-12 and selenium.

Where can I find original Vanjaram fish?


  1. The flesh of the fish should bounce back on touching.
  2. The eyes should be bulging, shiny and clear.
  3. Fresh fish should not smell but should have a mild scent.

What type of fish is Seer fish?

The seer fish is a type of mackerel.

Found in abundance in the Indian Ocean and adjoining seas of India, it is a much sought after delicacy.

Is Surmai and Vanjaram same?

The king fish is known as surmai in Urdu and Vanjaram in Tamil. It is a very very popular fish in Tamil Nadu or for that matter, anywhere that there is fish available in the world. It must be called king fish for a reason.

Is salmon and Surmai same?

Smooth skinned, fleshy saltwater fish, Indian Salmon is oily, Omega 3 rich, low fat, mild tasting, white-fleshed, cut into even steaks. … Also known as:Threadfin Salmon/Kaala Meen/Maga/Surmai/Rawas/Kora.

Which fish is Surmai?

Very high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, Surmai or King Mackerel is indeed the king fish of the Indian ocean.

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Is salmon a seer fish?

Categorically, Surmai is a type of mackerel and is called “King Mackerel” or “Indo-Pacific Mackerel”.

6) Surmai (Seer Fish / King Mackerel / King Fish)

Nutrient Value
Total Calories 134

What is seer fish called in Bengali?

Bengali Fish Corner Fish – Steak Surmai / Seer Fish / Neymeen.

Is Vanjaram high in mercury?

vajra fish contain high level of mercury which may harm the brain development of growth fetus as well as breast feeding babies.. it won’t be much cause of concern if consumed in small quantity occasionally…but,it is always better to avoid big fishes….