What is the occupation of fishermen?

Where is the fishing main occupation?

Apart from agriculture, fishing is one of the major occupations of the people of India saying in the vast coastal region. It deploys almost 14 million people, and the yearly catch is around over twenty tones, and half is exported.

What is a fishing job?

A fishing worker locates, traps, and catches a variety of aquatic life which are used for bait, food, and other uses. They may work in deep or shallow water and fish for long days at sea or shorter durations depending on what they are gathering.

What are the occupations related to fisheries industry?

A partial listing of occupations in the sector includes:

  • Fish farm technician.
  • Farm manager.
  • Saltwater production manager.
  • Hatchery technician.
  • Hatchery manager.
  • Environmental and regulatory affairs manager.
  • Fish health technician.
  • Aquaculture engineer.

Why fishing is the main occupation of Visakhapatnam?

Fishing is a major occupation in Visakhapatnam, as many fishermen depend on fishing for their livelihood. … Ice factories in and outside the Fishing Harbour Visakhapatnam can produce tonnes of ice, catering to the needs of the fishermen and also provides industrial employment.

Why fishing is the main occupation in coastal plains?

Fishing is important occupation of the people living in the coastal areas and island because there is much water in their areas and most of the things they eat is fish and it is easy for them to get fish by fishing and some peopl sell fishes to earn money so it’s an important occupation.

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What are fishermen called?

If you go fishing with a rod and a fishing line with a hook at the end of it, you’re an angler. An angler might fish off the end of a dock, or from a rowboat in the middle of a lake. Anglers are distinguished by the fact that they fish with metal hooks, and they often release the fish they catch.

What is activities involved in relation to the occupation work job?

“Work-related activities” include activities that are not obviously work but are done as part of one’s job, such as having a business lunch or playing golf with clients. Activities are identified as done as part of the job by the respondent during the interview.

Why is Visakhapatnam called Vizag?

As it was before the CRZ came into force, he ordered a small temple built at the shore and named it “Vaisakha”. The sea swept away this structure a long time ago but the name persisted for a while and then changed to Vizagapatam, then to Vishakhapatnam and now it is commonly known in its abbreviated form of “Vizag”.

What industry is Visakhapatnam famous for?

The second largest city of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam is famous for its burgeoning steel industry and is also home to an international port.