What is the length of one iron rod?

Steel bar supplied in U bent or a straight rod, length of one bar is around 12 metre or 40 feet. Steel bar weight:- generally weight of Steel bar per metre for 8mm bar is around 0.395 kg, for 10mm, its weight around 0.617kg, for 12mm, its weight is 0.889kg and for 16mm, its weight is 1.58kg.

What is the standard length of Steel rod?

TMT Rebars are supplied in U bent or straight rods. Length of the TMT Bars are 40 feet. In most cases civil engineers, contracts recommend to buy TMT Bars in pieces, bundles or in tons. The sizes also varies according to the structure of the building.

What is the length of 12mm Steel bar?

Product Specification

Diameter 12mm
Grade Fe 500
Material Mild Steel
Single Piece Length 12 meter
Size 12mm

What is the price of 12mm iron rod?

Price Range : Rs 51-55/Kilogram.

What is the length of 20mm steel bar?

Fe 500 TMT Bar, Size: 20 mm, Length: 12 m.

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How long is a length of steel?

Based on various standards, Imperial and metric system measurement, typicaly, length of one Steel bar/ rebar of size 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25mm is kept around 40 feet or 12m long. This is standard length of steel bar used for various construction project.

What is the length of rebar?

​Typical lengths are 20, 30, 40 and 60 foot, but custom lengths are available. ASTM A615 is produced in grades 40, 60, 75, 80, 100. ASTM A706 is produced in grades 60, 80.

What is length bar?

Length Bars. Length Bars are made from High Carbon High Chromium Steel, ensuring the gauges faces hardened to 64 RC (800HV). The bar has round section of 30 mm for greater stability, and precision lapped to meet with the stipulated requirements of finish, flatness, parallelism and gauge length.

How do you calculate the length of a steel bar?

For bent up bars

  1. CD = x/sinθ – xtanθ = x[1/ sinθ – 1/tanθ]
  2. When the bar is bent up at 45, θ = 450.
  3. So, CD = x [1.414 – 1.0] = 0.414x = 0.45x.
  4. So, for bar that is bent up at 45, extra length = 0.45x.

What is the length of 16mm iron rod in Nigeria?

What is the length of iron rods in Nigeria? The average length of iron rod in Nigeria is about 12m. But it can be customized based on customer requirements up to 14 meters in length. The diameter is variable, ranging from 6 mm to 32 mm depending on the usage requirements.

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What is the price of 1 kg Iron 2021?

Price Range : Rs 51-55/Kilogram.

What is the full length of 12mm rod?

12mm rod weight:- 12mm rod supplied in U shaped bent or straight, a length of about 12 metres or 40 feet, generally 12mm rod weight around 10.667kg/ piece, 0.889kg/m or 0.270 kg/foot.

What is the rate of steel per kg?

For the latest and best price for TMT steel, please reach us at +91 9741 00 44 66 or request a call back here. Also, Check the latest cement prices here!

Latest TMT steel prices | Steel price in December 2021.

TMT Steel Price per ton (1000 Kgs) Price per Kg
TATA Tiscon Rs.77,000 Rs.77
JSW Rs.76,000 Rs.76