What does a tetra look like in cat goes fishing?

The Tetra is a small [Exotic] teal and pink fish that swims in groups. The game says that they fear the Bagu, because they are its prey. It can be caught with the small bait during the day on the medium water depth. It can be sold for $4,800 if it stays uneaten.

What is the hardest fish to catch in Cat goes fishing?

The Cave Shark is a Huge grey fish with a streamlined body and eyes that appear half-closed. It is considered one of the hardest fish in the game to catch, and is also one of the most valuable (beaten by the extremely high-value fish like the Dragon, Josie and Sodafish).

What does the silo do in Cat goes fishing?

The Silo is home to the largest and rarest of Huge fish. The Abyssal is found far down in the Silo Depths, and is elusive despite its size. It requires the Mega Hook to catch.

Where is the Lamby in cat goes fishing?

The Lamby is found in the deep waters of the Silo, usually at around the same level as the Abyssal and Lampis or even deeper.

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