Quick Answer: Where is Redington rods located?

Where is Redington fly rods made?

Redington fly rods aren’t made in the USA, but don’t let that discourage you. They have a great warranty and are made with impeccable quality and attention to detail. A popular Redington rod series in the Redington Classic Trout rod series. The Classic Trout is designed specifically for the trout angler.

Who owns Redington rod?

Far Bank Enterprises, Inc., the parent company of Sage Fly Fishing, Redington, and RIO Products, recently announced their acquisition of Fly Water Travel, a travel company specializing in arranging trips to the world’s finest fishing destinations based in Ashland, Oregon.

Are Redington rods good?

Redington has put together a very solid offering with the TRACE. It’s light, casts wonderfully from 20-60 feet, and has the backbone to handle big fish, big flies, and wind. The 9′ 5wt is very close to being a true do-it-all rod, and it surprised me with its accuracy and light weight.

Where are epic rods made?

Flylords caught up with Swift Fly Fishing & Epic Fly Rods, a fly rod company based down in New Zealand. Their line of rods are custom built by the angler for the angler. The vibrant colors of their blanks and popular models like their FastGlass® rods are unique to a very saturated fly rod market.

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Is Redington a good brand?

First off, Redington is a great brand of rods and reels. In fact when I felt this rod in hand I could tell it was quality. In fact there are some pretty good reviews out there for the rods themselves. The reel on the other hand felt super flimsy.

Where are Orvis Clearwater rods made?

Orvis builds all of its rods from the Access line on up there in Manchester from start to finish. The price point rods (Clearwater & Streamline) are made overseas to the specifications of the rod shop here in the USA.

Where are sage reels made?

All Sage rods are made at our manufacturing facility on Bainbridge Island, in Washington state, USA.

Who owns Sage rods?

Sage Manufacturing is a division of Far Bank Enterprises, created in 2005 by Seattle’s Joshua Green Corporation to encompass Sage and two other fly-fishing brands, Redington and RIO Products.

Does sage own Rio?

Far Bank subsidiaries operate under the brand names Sage, Redington, RIO Products, and Fly Water Travel.