Quick Answer: How long can a drapery rod be?

The most standard sizes you’ll find in stores are 28-48 inches, 48-84 inches, 66-120 inches or 120-170 inches. These ready-made options cater to most common window sizes, but it’s best to purchase adjustable rods that can accommodate a broader range of window sizes.

How long can curtain rods go without support?

Having said that, a 2 inch or 3-inch diameter pole can span a distance up to a full 12-feet without flexing or bowing using only two end brackets.

What is the longest curtain rod length?

You can assemble it without a drill. It can adjust to a maximum length of 120 inches and holds up to 25 lbs of weight. This curtain rod for windows has a simple, weathered design made of a durable material and is made with easy installation in mind.

Can a curtain rod be too long?

For example, on a 54-inch-wide window, you could extend your curtain rods up to 9 inches on each side (54 divided by three equals 18, so your rod can be up to 72 inches long). Remember, though: The longer your curtain rod, the more fabric it takes for the curtains to drape attractively when closed.

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How far should drapery rod extend past window?

As a general rule, drapes will be open during the day, so make sure the curtain rod extends at least four inches on each side of the window’s inside frame. To create the illusion of a wider window, extend the rod up to 10 inches beyond the window’s frame.

How do you reinforce long curtain rods?

To reinforce your curtain rod brackets and secure your curtain rod, try these methods: Use curtain rod anchors or longer screws.

  1. Use Curtain Rod Anchors or Longer Screws. …
  2. Use a Thicker or More Durable Curtain Rod. …
  3. Install Center Support Brackets.

How far should curtain rods stick out from wall?

General Installation Recommendations. When installing curtain rods, hang the rod so that it extends at least 3 or 4 inches beyond the window on each side. This allows your curtains to overlap both the window and the wall to prevent light from leaking in around the window’s edges.

Should drapes touch the floor?

Yes, curtains should be long enough to touch the floor. With a few exceptions, the longer the curtains are the more stylish and elegant it will look. This is why most standard ready-made curtains are lengthy. But the reality is that various decorating styles use different curtain lengths.

Can you shorten curtain rods?

Most hollow core metal drapery rods can be cut using a hacksaw with a fine cutting blade. Or, as long as you have a fine metal blade, you can use a powered miter saw. Make sure to buy metal curtain rods that are hollow core if you plan to cut them to size yourself.

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Can you shorten a curtain pole?

Metal curtain poles can be cut with a hacksaw, or for a totally square cut, use one of our special curtain pole cutters. Wooden curtain poles can be cut with a fine tooth wood saw. Helpful Hint: Always remember that when you are cutting a curtain pole that is in two pieces you must trim equal amounts from each side.

Do you need middle bracket on curtain rod?

A center bracket is needed in almost any length greater than 5 to 6 feet, if you want to avoid any sagging. However there are “C” rings that will go over the bracket so that the drapes/curtains can be pulled to one side (either side, in fact).

Where should I place my curtain rod?

DO Hang High

The higher the curtain rod, the taller the window will appear, so fix your curtain rod closer to the ceiling than the top of your window, if you can. One rule of thumb is that they should sit 4-6 inches above the window frame.

How far apart should curtain rod brackets be?

Use a pencil to mark the drill holes for your brackets. Each bracket should be placed at the height you previously determined and about four to six inches from the side of the window frame. (This will allow you to open the curtains completely.)