Quick Answer: Can you fish off of Navarre Beach?

Navarre Beach, FL is the perfect place to spend the day with a rod and reel in hand. Try deep sea fishing or fish in the Santa Rosa Sound or Pensacola Bay. … If being on the water is not your thing, Navarre Beach has one of Florida’s largest fishing piers.

Where can I fish in Navarre Beach?

Fishing Spots Near Navarre FL

  • Liza Jackson Park. Fort Walton Beach, FL.
  • Blackwater River State Park. Holt, FL.
  • Fort Pickens Campground. Pensacola Beach, FL.
  • Henderson Beach State Park. Destin, FL.
  • Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park. Niceville, FL.
  • Big Lagoon State Park. Pensacola, FL.
  • Perdido Key State Park. …
  • Grayton Beach State Park.

Can you fish from Navarre pier?

Whether you are an experienced angler looking for world-class fishing, it’s your first time to wet a hook, or you want the perfect spot for spectacular views of the sunset, the Navarre Beach Pier is the place to be year-round. …

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Are you allowed to fish from beaches in Florida?

Fishing is great on Florida beaches. All public beaches allow fishing from the shore and it is quite common to see people with their poles and cast nets working the calm surf. You can catch most inshore fish from the beach such as snook, pompano, shark, snapper, and redfish.

Do you need a fishing license in Navarre Beach Florida?

You can fish from the beach & the sound, but you need a Florida fishing license. If you fish from the pier you do not need a license, but you do need to buy a permit at the bait shop. … In the State of Florida, yes you should get a license.

How much does it cost to get on Navarre pier?

Adults: $7. Seniors and Active Duty Military: $6. Youth (15 and under): $4.

How deep is the water at the end of the Navarre Beach Pier?

The maximum depth is 26-30ft/8-9m. The average visibility is 36-40ft/11-12m. The pier use to be a great fishing spot until it was devastated by hurricane Ivan in 2004. Now it is a great beach dive.

What ocean is Navarre Beach?

Navarre Beach is the beach neighborhood of Navarre. It is on Santa Rosa Island, a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico.

How long is the Navarre fishing pier?

Drop your line or take a stroll on the longest pier in Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. At 1,545 feet long and 30 feet above the water, the pier offers fun for the whole family.

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Do I need a fishing license in Florida to fish from shore?

A Florida fishing license is required to land saltwater species in Florida regardless of where they are caught (state or federal waters). Valid for saltwater fishing from the shoreline or a structure affixed to shore. Not valid when fishing from a vessel, or a shoreline reached by vessel.

What fish can you catch from the beach?

What fish can you catch from the beach? Common fish caught from the shoreline are; species of flatfish (flounder, plaice, dab and sole), ray species (thornback rays, blonde ray, small-eyed ray and stingray), cod, bass, pouting, whiting and silver eels.

Is fishing allowed on beaches?

The Western Cape has many rivers, dams, and a vast coastline where you’ll be able to enjoy this pastime. … The Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment manages marine fishing (fishing along the coast) permits.

What is the fine for fishing without a license in Florida?

You need a license to catch a fish and if you cast a line or catch and release. fishing without a license is a non-criminal offense that is penalized by paying the licensing fine & an additional $50. The penalty fine increases to $100 if you are charged more than once within a 36 month period.

How much does a Florida fishing license cost?

Licenses & Permits

Florida resident combination licenses
Annual Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing $32.50
Annual Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing and Hunting $48.00
Gold Sportsman’s Licenses

How can I get a free fishing license in Florida?

Residents. Florida residents who only saltwater fish from the land or a structure attached to land, may get the no-cost resident recreational saltwater shoreline fishing license.

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