Question: Is fish head curry from Singapore?

Why is fish head curry popular in Singapore?

The popularity of fish head curry drew enterprising Chinese chefs to experiment with the dish. … Fish head curry became so popular among the different ethnic communities in Singapore that stalls started advertising their own “Gomez fish head curry” or “original Gomez curry” in the 1970s and 1980s.

Is fish head curry an Indian dish?

Although the exact origin of the dish is a matter of much debate, it was first created during the 70’s as a method to use those fish heads that often get thrown in the bin. The curry spice and flavors are derived from a South Indian Style curry, with some Singapore touches added to it.

Which fish head good for curry?

Then, there’s the Fish Head Curry, which turns out to be their signature dish. They use red snapper fish head, which is known for its tender texture and absorbs well with the curry.

Which fish is good for curry in Singapore?

Unique to Singapore and Malaysia, Curry Fish head is an iconic dish made from stewing a red snapper (angkoli) head in a fragrant pot of curry with assorted vegetables. So, we have uncovered 13 curry fish heads that will make you swoon.

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Where is curry fish head from?

Fish head curry

Fish head curry served at a Singaporean restaurant
Alternative names 咖哩魚頭 (Chinese) Kari kepala ikan (Malay) மீன் தலைக் கறி (Tamil)
Type Curry
Course Main course
Place of origin Singapore

Which state is famous for fish curry?

Malabar Matthi Curry

Kerala-style fish curry
Alternative names Fish curry
Type Curry
Place of origin India
Associated national cuisine India, Sri Lanka

How would you describe a fish head curry?

Fish head curry is an iconic dish in Singapore: the head of a sea bream, served with vegetables in a spicy curry. It is a dish that represents the fusion of various cultures and a reflection of Singapore’s multicultural identity. Fish head curry is said to be the brainchild of Mr Marian Jacob Gomez.

How do you cook fish heads?

On the ignored art of cooking fishheads.


  1. Melt one stick butter in large stock pot, then fry fish heads for 10 minutes over medium-high heat. …
  2. Add remaining 2 tablespoons of butter, then add remaining dry ingredients to pot, stirring frequently until aromatic.
  3. Add white wine and water, then bring to a boil.

What are the benefits of eating fish head?

Health benefits of fish head

  • Healthy proteins. Image source: Foodandwine. …
  • Good source of omega 3 fatty acids. Fish head contains a good amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. …
  • Beneficial for the eyes and brain. Fish head and brain are also rich sources of vitamin A. …
  • Depression and mental health. …
  • Diabetes and arthritis.