Is fishing banned in South Australia?

The State Government yesterday announced a statewide snapper ban running from November 1 this year until 2023, excluding south-eastern waters over winter, after data revealed the fish population had been decimated.

Is fishing allowed in South Australia?

Recreational fishing is enjoyed by many South Australians. A recreational fishing licence is not required in South Australia. A permit is required when fishing in certain reservoirs in South Australia.

Is snapper fishing ban in South Australia?

“If the recreational allocation of snapper is reached prior to 31 October the fishery will be closed.” Recreational snapper fishing arrangements in South Eastern waters until 31 October 2021 at a glance: A minimum size limit of 38 cm. A bag limit of one snapper per person.

Can I go fishing in Adelaide?


Brighton, Glenelg, Henley Beach and Semaphore are some of the best fishing spots in Adelaide, and are all less than 30 minutes’ drive from the CBD. Many anglers fish from the jetties for tommy ruff, trout, mulloway, bream and squid.

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Can you catch snapper in South Australia now?

Snapper fishing in South Australia resumed in South East waters Thursday 1 July 2021 under new management arrangements. As part of the commercial Marine Scalefish Fishery reform the commercial fishery moved from to a quota management system for four priority species from 1 July 2021.

How many fishing rods can you use in South Australia?

Each fisher in SA may use 2 fishing rods or 2 handlines or one of each when fishing in the State. The lines may have up to 3 hooks or up to 5 hooks threaded together (joined eye to shank).

What fish can you catch in Adelaide?

Species: Tommies (Herring), Garfish, King George Whiting, Snapper, Salmon Trout, Snook, Squid, Blue Swimmer Crabs, Mulloway, Flathead. Summary: If you don’t mind rock hopping, the Outer Harbor Breakwall holds the best variety of species in Adelaide.

Is there a boat limit on snapper?

The daily limit is seven snapper per person. MPI said the men were likely to face prosecution and have had their boat seized.

Can I catch snapper?

Snapper take a variety of different baits and lures ranging from soft plastics to jigs. On a boat, flicking soft plastics has become highly popular, however you can still live bait and also use dead baits. Snapper eat a wide range of baits.

Can you catch snapper all year round?

Snapper are available year-round but tend to fly under the radar during warmer months when there’s a host of other target species on the prowl.

Where are the fish biting in South Australia?

Port Hughes, Moonta Bay and Wallaroo

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The historic jetties in these Copper Coast townships are some of the most popular in the state for fishing. There are terrific hauls to be made at certain times of the year from snook, to tommy ruffs, King George whiting, flathead, squid and blue swimmer crabs.

Where can I go fishing in Adelaide?

Best Fishing Spots in Adelaide

  • West Lakes, New Port. …
  • West Beach, Barcoo Road. …
  • Glenelg Jetty. …
  • Port Adelaide River, Riverview St. …
  • Henley Beach Jetty, Seaview Rd. …
  • North Haven. …
  • Snowden’s Beach, Largs North. …
  • Torrens Island Power Station, Port Adelaide.

Where can I catch big fish in South Australia?

Our favourite local spots to fish include:

  • Venus Bay.
  • Baird Bay.
  • Streaky Bay.
  • Anxious Bay.
  • Mt Camel Beach.
  • Talia Beach.
  • Locks Well.
  • and Waterloo Bay.

Where is the snapper ban in South Australia?

By September, the new South Australia Snapper fishing regulations were official: From 1 November 2019 to 31 January 2023, Snapper fishing is banned in the West Coast, Spencer Gulf, and Gulf St. Vincent regions; During the closures, catch-and-release fishing is strictly forbidden.

Is barramundi a firm fish?

Barramundi is popular for a reason! The firm white/grey flesh with a large meaty flake is delicious and well-suited to a range of cooking methods. It is robust enough to grill, fry, roast or bake on high heats – these techniques will result in crisp roast skin that is a real treat.

Where is the snapper ban?

On 28 September 2019, the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development announced a full ban on snapper fishing in the Spencer Gulf, West Coast and Gulf St Vincent until 31 January 2023.

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