How old do you have to be to drive in St Croix?

A valid U.S. or foreign license is accepted for driving on St. Croix, but you must be 21 or older to rent a vehicle. As for laws, first and foremost you must wear your seat belt.

What is the legal drinking age in St. Croix?

You must be at least 18 to order an alcoholic beverage on St. Croix.

Is it legal to drink and drive in St. Croix USVI?


Do you need a car on St. Croix?

If you plan to do some serious sightseeing on the island, you’ll need to rent a car, as getting around by public transportation is a slow, uneven process. Remember to drive on the left. In most rural areas, the speed limit is 35 mph; certain parts of the major artery, Route 66, are 55 mph.

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Can you drink at 18 in the US Virgin Islands?

What is the legal drinking age? 18 years old. Note: While an 18 year old on island can buy, order, drink alcohol they can not transport bottles of alcohol back to the US with them. 18 year olds will have their alcohol confiscated at the customs check point at the airport.

What islands can you drink at 18?

In the United States, the minimum legal age to purchase alcoholic beverages is 21 years of age; the two exceptions are Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands where the age is 18.

Where is 16 the drinking age?

At least eight countries and regions have set their MLDA at 16 years. These countries include Barbados, the British Virginia Islands, Cuba, Luxembourg, Panama, Serbia, Serbia, and Zimbabwe. In these countries, it is an offense for anyone to sell, give, or offer alcoholic drinks to people under the age of 16 years.

Can you get a DUI in the Virgin Islands?

2019 US Virgin Islands Code. Title 20 – Highways and Motor Vehicles. … (2) It is unlawful for any person who has 0.08 percent or more, by weight, of alcohol in his or her blood to drive, operate, or be in actual physical control of, any motor vehicle within the Territory.

How old do you have to be to drink in USVI?

THOMAS, USVI – The Virgin Islands Police Department, St. Thomas / St. John District, is advising individuals and bar owners around the Havensight area that the VIPD will have a pronounced presence for the Carnival event on April 30. Individuals and bar owners are reminded that the legal drinking age is 18 years old.

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Which side of the road do they drive on in St Croix?

Here on St. Croix we do, in fact, drive on the left. Some historians believe that driving on the left was a custom carried over from the horse and buggy days, and no one ever bothered to change it.

Will my phone work in St. Croix?

Access to the ‘real world’ is available via cell phones and wifi hotspots on St. Croix in many hotels, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and businesses. So, bring your smart phone, tablet, or laptop, and find a spot to get your work done. …

How long would it take to drive around St. Croix?

It is about 10 – 11 miles. Shouldn’t take much more than 25 -30 minutes depending upon which way you go and the time of the day.

Are there Ubers in St. Croix?

We do not. We have several rental car agencies, cab service and VITransit (public bus service).

Is St Croix safer than St Thomas?

On average, STX and STT definitely have more crime than the US.

Can you drink the tap water in St Croix?

The water in town and at most hotels is perfectly safe to drink. … It may be safe to drink, but we recommend buying bottled water for drinking purposes.

Can I bring food to St Croix?

You can bring anything you want in as long as it is allowed on the airplane. There are agricultural restrictions when you come back into the mainland US. We bring coffee and some snacks. Everything else we buy on island.

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