Can I use a boat rod for pier fishing?

Can I use a boat rod on shore?

Best not to use a boat rod for the beach, as it will be too stiff (and short) to cast very far. It may also be worth trying an uptide rod, these are generally about 9 ft or so, and would be much easier to cast a reasonable distance.

What length rod is good for pier fishing?

​A good length/size rod for an all round pier fishing is roughly seven to eight feet in length. Longer rods are better casting but not that great up close, shorter rods will be better for jigging and dropping bait down vertically but make it harder to turn a fish if they decide to run under the legs of the pier.

Can you use any rod for beach fishing?

Don’t kid yourself and bring just any fishing tackle to the beach. Regular “surf rats” use a surf rod from 12 to 15 feet long, with big rod guides, designed to deliver a bait and weight up to 100 yards offshore. … You can bring a smaller rod (say 7 feet in length) for casting at closer fish, especially during high tide.

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What can I use for pier fishing?

10 Pier Fishing Gear Essentials to Get You Started

  • Fishing Cart. Get a wheeled fishing cart that will make it easier to transport your tackle and gear from your vehicle to the pier. …
  • Rod and Reel Combo. …
  • Fishing Hooks. …
  • Bucktail Jigs. …
  • Hoop Net. …
  • Sinkers. …
  • Pliers with Line Cutters. …
  • Rod Holders.

What is a 5 foot fishing rod used for?

Fishing Rod Length for Inshore Saltwater Fishing

For inshore saltwater fishing, choose rods between 6,5 and 7,5 ft. These are more than enough to cast accurate, control the fish, and manoeuvre the around possible obstacles. Inshore waters are usually shallower, and very long rods are not necessary.

What is a boat rod used for?

Fishing rods extend the angler’s reach and leverage for casting lures or bait, and absorb the shock of a fish when it strikes. Rods are essential to casting and presenting the bait or lure to attract fish. Once a fish hits, the rod is used to set the hook, play and land the fish.

Can I surf fish with a 7 foot rod?

The best rod to surf fish with is the one you have. While you might not be able to throw as heavy of a lure or throw your bait as far, a 6 to 7 foot rod can catch fish from the surf.

What size rod do I need for beach fishing?

Surf fishing rods are almost twice as long as freshwater rods, attached with a reel that can hold hundreds of yards of thick fishing line. For beginners, we recommend a surf rod combo between 8ft to 10ft in length attached with a 6000 to 8000 series reel, spooled with 25lb to 50lb braided fishing line.

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Is a 9ft rod good for surf fishing?

A rod of at least 9ft (2.75 meters) will allow you to change bait and cast faster, target the furthest zones, have more control on the other end of the line, and catch a lot of fish while sitting comfortably on the beach and enjoying the hobby.

What is the best bait for saltwater pier fishing?

Top 4 Saltwater Fishing Baits

  • Shrimp. Shrimp is a go to bait for saltwater anglers. …
  • Shellfish. Lots of different species of fish eat shellfish like clams, mussels, or crabs. …
  • Cut Bait. Cut bait has a strong aroma which is a key way to attract saltwater fish. …
  • Bait Fish.

Do saltwater fish bite at night?

A lot of saltwater fish actually like to feed at night so don’t be surprised if a lot of them go after the chum, especially the snappers as they’re quite active at night. … Saltwater fishing isn’t only for expert anglers as even novices can have fun.