Best answer: What is fish real name?

Where does Fish the singer live?

The singer, whose real name is Derek Dick, lives in his home town of Haddington, East Lothian, with his third wife, German-born Simone, and his mum Isa who is suffering from dementia.

What does Fish from Marillion do now?

“The boy called Fish” – as he jokingly refers to himself – will turn 60 on April 25, 2018. And when that landmark arrives, he will be finished with the game he has played for more than 30 years, first with Marillion and then as a solo artist: making records and touring with a rock band.

Who is Fish married to?

Even after Marillion is dead, and he’s been told that over and over, his mind won’t let him get over the horror of his mother dying and then having to hear her supposed killer sing creepily all night.

Where does Steve Hogarth live?

He lives in England near Oxford, although he’s often out.

How did Fish join Marillion?

He first performed as a singer in 1980: “The very first gig I ever did as a singer was in Gala [Galashiels] in the Golden Lion pub.” He moved to Church Laneham, Notts in mid 1980 following a successful audition for the Stone Dome Band, and then to Aylesbury at the start of 1981 in the process of joining Marillion.

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Where did Marillion get their name?

Formed in 1979 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England, they took their name from The Silmarillion by the author J.R.R. Tolkien, of whom founding drummer Mick Pointer was a fan. The band were signed by EMI after headlining legendary venues like The Marquee in London and Aylesbury Friars.

Is Fish back with Marillion?

Former Marillion frontman Fish has told Planet Rock why he’s calling it a day in 2020. The singer, real name Derek Dick, told fans in a blog post back in March that he’ll be retiring in 2020 following a farewell tour that year.

How old are Phish?

The band was formed by Anastasio, Gordon, Fishman and guitarist Jeff Holdsworth, who were joined by McConnell in 1985. Holdsworth departed the band in 1986, and the lineup has remained stable since. Phish began to perform outside of New England in the late 1980s and experienced a rise in popularity in the mid 1990s.

Is Marillion Scottish?

The 57-year-old guitarist, songwriter and, one suspects, Marillion’s prog rock conscience, is a man still charmingly fascinated by music: his own and other people’s – especially Genesis and Camel’s. But where did it all begin? You were born in South Yorkshire and lived in North Yorkshire until you were nearly 20.

Is Fish from Marillion married?

When Fish, Marillion’s original lead singer, left the band in 1988 after four albums he was replaced by the charismatic Steve Hogarth.