Best answer: What is dark house spear fishing?

Darkhouse spearfishing is a method of harvesting fish through the ice using artificial fish decoys suspended in the clear water. When a fish comes up to see the decoy, you spear it. A large hole is needed in order to spear the fish and you need a fishhouse that is completely dark. (Hence the term, “Darkhouse”.)

How deep do you spear pike?

Pike cruise shallow depths on the prowl for prey. 5 to 8 feet is the sweet spot. Also, if you go any deeper, it get’s hard to throw the spear fast enough without the pike dodging it. Target weed lines near structure and flats.

How do you spear fish ice?

Slowly lift the tines of the spear off the ice and dip them into the water to avoid any loud noises or splashes. Aim just behind the head of the fish. Don’t huck it like a javelin; let the heavy spear do the work. Throw, don’t stab—that’s why it’s attached and retrievable by rope.

Can you spear pike?

Spearers who prefer to use their spear on pike, use a clip instead of a treble hook to attach baitfish to a line. When using both a decoy and live bait to attract pike to a spearing shanty, it’s important to make sure the decoy doesn’t get tangled in the bait line.

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Can you spear walleye in North Dakota?

Walleyes are, of course, off limits to spearfishers. … Northern pike and nongame fish are the only legal species that may be taken while darkhouse spearfishing in North Dakota.

What is the biggest pike ever caught?

The IGFA currently recognizes a 25 kg (55 lb) pike caught by Lothar Louis on Greffern Lake, Germany, on 16 October 1986, as the all-tackle world-record northern pike.

What’s the difference between a pike and a spear?

A spear is typically shorter than a lance or pike and is typically used against other infantry. A pike is much longer, typically with a reinforcement on the end opposite of the head, as a pike is used to combat cavalry and is therefore grounded so the user isn’t thrown off balance by the weight of the horse.

How do you fish with a spear?

When using a pole spear, extend your arm halfway out so that there is room to lengthen your reach at the final moment of attack. Once you’ve established that the fish is within range of the fully released spear, extend your arm and release the spear in one smooth movement, aiming for the head of the fish.

What is spearing in the winter?

Much like Wisconsin sturgeon spearing, pike spearing consists of cutting a hole in the ice and placing a tent or shanty over the hole. … A decoy is placed in the water to attract predator fish such as northern pike. Decoys can be purchased from commercial dealers, but most spearers prefer hand-made decoys.

Do you need a special license to spear in MN?

Residents age 18 to 89 and nonresidents age 18 and older need a dark house spearing license and an angling license. Youth age 16 and 17 need an angling license but do not need a dark house spearing license. You cannot use artificial light to attract fish while spearing. … Each person can only spear their own fish.

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What fish can you spear in MN?

Species allowed. Only rough fish, catfish, lake whitefish, and northern pike may be taken by spearing.

How rare is a 30 inch walleye?

I’d say 30 inch walleyes are far more rare. We landed anywhere between 30-40 walleyes within my guide service in a year over the 28 inch benchmark, but usually only a handful actually make 30 inches.

How big do perch need to be to keep?

8 inches is my usual limit. It gets harder to fillet them under that, although I have been known to keep a couple of 7’s when I needed a couple of more for a meal.

What is the perch limit in North Dakota?

Statewide Daily and Possession Limits and Exceptions

Species Daily Limit Possession Limit
Walleye, Sauger, Saugeye or Combination (a) 5 10
Northern Pike 5 10
Yellow Perch 20 40
White Bass 20 40