Best answer: How much is a fishing license in NM?

How much does a senior fishing license cost in New Mexico?

New Mexico Fishing License Costs

Angling License Fees Resident Nonresident
Senior Annual Fishing (65-69) $8.00 NA
70 Years and Older Annual Fishing $0.00 NA
Handicapped Annual Fishing $8.00 NA
Second Rod Validation $4.00 $4.00

How do I get a fishing license in New Mexico?

Licenses are available online, by phone 888-248-6866, or in person at license vendors. Print your fishing license from your NMDGF account or request a copy by phone 888-248-6866, in person at any license vendor ($1 fee), or by email

How many fishing rods can I use in New Mexico?

Fish without possessing a license if 12 years of age or older. Use a license that has been issued to another person. Fish with more than one rod without a Second Rod Validation if 12 years of age or older or fish with more than two rods at any time. Sell, offer for sale, or purchase game fish or parts in New Mexico.

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How much is a UT fishing license?

Cost of Fishing Licenses in Utah

Fishing license Resident Non-resident
1-year fishing (age 14-17) $16.00 $29.00
1-year fishing (age 18-64) $34.00 $85.00
Multi-year licenses $33 per year (up to five years) $84 per year (up to five years)
1-year fishing (age 65 and older) $25.00

How many fish can you catch in a day New Mexico?

Daily Limits

Bag limit of 5 fish is considered for any combination of trout and/or salmon with the exception that no more than 2 lake trout and/or 2 cutthroat trout may be included in the limit.

What is the New Mexico state fish?

The Rio Grande cutthroat trout is native to streams in the Rio Grande Basin, including waters on the Santa Fe National Forest. Rio Grande cutthroat trout is the State Fish of New Mexico and is the only cutthroat trout native to the state.

What day is free fishing day in New Mexico?

Fishing Calendar

Anglers can fish for free in New Mexico on Saturday, Sept. 25, as the state celebrates National Hunting and Fishing Day. Anyone can fish for free in public fishing waters throughout the state Saturday, Sept. 24, but everyone must observe bag limits and all other rules and regulations.

How much is a hunting license in New Mexico?

Over-the-Counter (OTC) License fees

License Type Resident* Nonresident
Game-hunting License 1 $15 $65
Game-hunting & Fishing License 2 $30 Not Issued
Junior Game-hunting License 1 $10 $15
Junior Game-hunting & Fishing License 2 $15 Not Issued

How much is a fishing license at Walmart in NC?

How much is a fishing license at Walmart in NC? Here is some general pricing information for a Walmart fishing license: For a resident of the state between the ages of 16 and 65 – $19. For a resident of the state who is 66 or older – $10. A single-day license for a resident or non-resident – $11.

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Can you fish with minnows in New Mexico?

Taking Minnows

Baitfish may only be taken for personal use and only by anglers who are currently licensed or 11 years of age or younger. Permitted methods for taking minnows include: angling, dip nets, cast nets, traps and seines.

How late can you fish in NM?

Call 1-800-ASK-FISH for fishing reports, new stockings, how to fish and habits of fish, 24 hours a day. Daylight hours are from 30 minutes before sunrise to sunset. Winter trout waters are stocked with hatchery-reared trout between Nov. 1 and March 31.

Can you bow fish in NM?

Bow fishing and spearfishing for game fish are not allowed in any river, stream, Special Trout Water or Trophy Bass Water (for largemouth bass). Arrows for bow fishing must be attached by a line, string or rope to enable retrieval of fish. Crossbows can be used for bow fishing.

What fishing license do I need for Flaming Gorge?

You must possess a resident fishing license in Utah or Wyoming to purchase a reciprocal stamp. The stamp is only valid for Flaming Gorge Reservoir and does not permit the license holder to fish any other water. The stamp is only available for Wyoming or Utah residents.

What is set line fishing?

Set line means a line with one or both ends secured to the shore or to a fixed or buoyant object in the water which is used for fishing and is not personally attended.

What fishing license do I need for Lake Powell?

Only a Utah fishing license is needed to fish in Lake Powell, even if you’re fishing in the Arizona portion. It is recommended that you visit the following link for the latest on fishing and license information: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

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