Best answer: How do you transport ice fishing gear?

How do you pack an ice fishing sled?

How To Pack and Carry Ice Fishing Gear On a Sled:

  1. Carefully place your rods into the bag and enclose them.
  2. Place your remaining gear into the 5-gallon bucket.
  3. Place any gear that will not fit into the bucket in the empty space on the sled.
  4. Take hold of the sled and get going.

What should I bring ice fishing?

Five-gallon bucket to carry fishing equipment and sit on. Tackle: lures, jigs and bait, extra line, hook sharpener, bobbers, split shot, needle-nose pliers for hook removal and line cutting. Hand warmers and ice cleats. Flashlight and matches or lighter.

How do you make an ice fishing sled easier to pull?

Placing screws through the bottom of the skis into the sled. The screws should tightly secure the 2×4’s that you install over the base of your sled. The addition of the skis makes it easier to haul the gear through the snow. It should make your sled much more efficient than it was before the installation of the skis.

What is a Smitty sled?

Smitty Sleds are a simple design. If you have some basic woodworking tools you can build one in a few hours. I began by cutting 2-2×4 pieces to 6” lengths and 2 more to 7.5” lengths. The front 2×4’s are cut at a 45° angle so the top portion is 6” long, to match the back.

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How do ice fishing rods not break?

If you keep your rod at a 90 degree angle to the direction of the line it will not break if there is no defect in the rod and you are using a line with a breaking strength that is rated for the rod. After full time charter fishing since 1988 clients have only snapped 2 rods.

How do you keep ice rods from tangling?

Re: Tricks to avoid tangled rods

Reel up slack so line is tight, but not so tight as it is putting a bow in your rod. Reach up the line about halfway between jig and tip of rod and grab with two fingers. Now, wrap this around about three or four times times or so and when you let it go, “snap” it to one of the guides.