Best answer: Can you fish in Stormwind?

Where can I fish in Stormwind?

Eastern Kingdoms

Zone 100% Catch Skill
Stormwind City 75
Stratholme 425
Swamp of Sorrows 425
Tirisfal Glades 25

Where can you fish in WoW?

The skill will start at level one and you can max it out to 300 in the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, while in other continents you can max it out to either 75 or 100 only. Once you learn the Fishing skill, you’ll need to find a body of water, like a river, pond, lake, or even the ocean.

Where can I fish in duskwood?

Eastern Kingdoms Zones

Zone Location(s) 100% Catch Skill
Deadwind Pass In the river down the ravine and around Karazhan. 425
Dun Morogh Iceflow Lake, Helm’s Bed Lake 25
Duskwood 160
Eastern Plaguelands Lake Mereldar 425

Does it matter where you fish WoW?

You can fish in almost any body of water. Leveling up fishing in WoW Classic is fairly simple, all you need to do is fish in the correct zone for your fishing level. All players start with a fishing level of one and can train it all the way to 300, with different zones becoming available at different skill levels.

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Is there a fish vendor in Stormwind?

Fish vendors, sometimes called ‘fishermen’, sell fish food that is useful for hunters who have pets with strict diets, such as cats and crocolisks.

Alliance Fish Vendors.

Location Vendor Title Fish Vendor
Stormwind Harbor, Stormwind City The Assurance Galley Chief Paul Kubit

Can you fish in Oribos?

There is nowhere to fish either in Oribos or the Maw.

What do I need for fishing wow?

All fishing must be done in a body of water with a fishing rod, which can be purchased from any fishing trainer. Fishing in different locations (or, optionally, with different types of bait, also bought from trainers) may produce different results.

Is there an auto fishing addon for WOW?

GoFish lets you double-right-click to fish, and enhances sound effects while fishing. Fishing mode is automatically enabled when you mouse over a fishing pool or equip a fishing pole, or can be enabled manually using a keybind or slash command.

Can you fish in Silvermoon?

Exodar and Silvermoon City Fishing Trainers (1-75)

Fishing is initially learned through a trainer, but Expert and Artisan levels require special quests and books to learn. For more information on advancing Fishing, please consult the Classic WoW Fishing Guide.

What level can you fish in moonglade?

Existing Sources

Zone Level Razorfold
Moonglade 48-55 205-300
Un’Goro Crater 48-55 205-300
Burning Steppes 50-58
Western Plaguelands 51-58 205-300

Where can I fish raw Whitescale salmon?

Source. Raw Whitescale Salmon can only be caught by fishing in inland water in Winterspring, Zul’Gurub, Alterac Valley, Eastern Plaguelands, Feralas, Deadwind Pass, Silithus and Burning Steppes. Can be fished successfully in the Tainted Forest in the Blasted Lands.

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What mounts can you get from fishing WoW?


  • Great Sea Ray. Ray.
  • Pond Nettle. Nettle.
  • Sea Turtle. Turtle.

Where can I fish deviate fish?

Deviate fish live in the streams and waters nearby Wailing Caverns. They are a full-grown and remarkably little version of the common freshwater species of trout, having been altered by the deviate magic of the Wailing Caverns.

Does fishing give XP WoW?

Every time you catch something (even junk) you gain fishing experience towards your next skill level. It works similarly to xp and leveling. The first 75 or so fish caught will be enough fishing experience to gain a skill up every time.