Are there fish in Lake Simcoe?

What kind of fish can you catch in Lake Simcoe?

Lake Simcoe is chock-full of fish, and is home to a few different varieties as well. Simcoe is home to Perch, Sunfish, Pike, Whitefish, Lake Trout, Largemough Bass & Smallmouth Bass.

Does Lake Simcoe have fish?

For those who like a variety of fish, Lake Simcoe is hard to beat; with its deep sections for cold water species like lake trout and whitefish, mid-depth areas for popular fish like smallmouth bass and yellow perch, and shallower, weedy places that harbour largemouth bass, northern pike and a variety of panfish …

Is Lake Simcoe good for fishing?

Fishing Lake Simcoe. Lake Simcoe, a short drive north of Toronto, offers some of the best fishing in the province. The lake is fished year round, and is famous for it’s winter lake trout and whitefish bonanza. Cook’s Bay, the south part of Lake Simcoe, is shallow and weedy, whereas the main lake is deeper (max.

What fish is in season in Lake Simcoe?

Lake Simcoe Fishing Regulations

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Species Open Seasons
Walleye & Sauger or any combination Jan. 1 to Mar. 15 & 2nd Sat in May to Dec. 31
Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass or any combination 4th Sat. in June to Nov. 30
Northern Pike Jan. 1 to Mar. 31 and 2nd Sat. in May to Dec. 31.
Muskellunge Closed all year

What is the biggest fish in Lake Simcoe?

Roy said he had read about the giant burbot caught by 18-year-old Landan Brochu, of Thunder Bay, on March 5, 2016. Brochu’s fish weighed 16.8 pounds and measured . 94 metres (37 inches) long and was 55.9 cm (22 inches) around.

How many fish are in Lake Simcoe?

As of 2007, there were 49 native fish species known to inhabit Lake Simcoe proper with an additional 11 native fish species that reside in its watershed.

Does Lake Simcoe have salmon?

Smallmouth and largemouth bass are just two of them. Our fresh, clear waters are home to Chinook, Coho and Atlantic salmon, lake trout, muskie and perch. … Add in rainbow, brown and brook trout to round up a pretty impressive fish inventory!

Where can I fish for lake trout on Lake Simcoe?

Most anglers target Lake Trout, during the ice fishing season and use both live bait and a variety of artificial lures. Some of the more popular hotspots, include Kempenfelt Bay, Big Bay Point, Long Shoal, Oro Beach and the deeper waters north of Fox Island.

What is the deepest part of Lake Simcoe?

Some of the historical hotspots for smallmouth bass in Lake Simcoe include the shoals around Thorah and Strawberry Island, the shoals around Mara and McCrae point, the limestone shoals in lake Couchiching and the drop-offs around Snake Island and Kempenfelt Bay.

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What fishing zone is Barrie?

Fisheries Management Zone 18 |

How many white fish can you keep on Lake Simcoe?

Sport License daily limit is 2 whitefish.