Your question: Can you use a medium light rod for crappie?

What is a medium light rod used for?

ML(3): The Medium Light power is the perfect tool for lures in the 1/8- to 1/2-ounce range with applications in both fresh and saltwater. These rods stiffen up quicker and allow for quicker hook sets with jigs and soft plastics for medium fresh and saltwater fish.

What size rod is good for crappie fishing?

Recommended Crappie Rod: Cascade Pro Series

My other rod is a Wally Marshall Signature Series WM80CP-2, 8′ light-action, 1/16 – 1/4 ounce lure weight, 2 – 6 pound line. That rod is good for fishing brush piles because it has a longer reach and a good backbone for lifting big slab crappie out of the nastiest brush pile.

What is the difference between a medium and medium light fishing rod?

Light power facilitates lighter tackle and smaller lures for Panfish and Trout. Medium power handles common lures and rigs sized typically for Bass and Walleye. Heavy power manages larger lures and rigs for big Bass, Pike and Catfish.

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What kind of rod do you use for crappie?

Quick glance at the best crappie rods on the market today:

Croix Premier Spinning Rods – Our Pick! Bass Pro Shops Micro Lite Graphite Spinning Rod. Cabela’s Fish Eagle Spinning Rods. Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rods.

What is a 7 3 medium/heavy rod good for?

7’3″ Medium/Heavy Casting Rod Specs

SUGGESTED TECHNIQUES: This all purpose rod is great for a large multitude of techniques. From Texas rig to Jigs to large Spinner baits, and everything in between.

What are ultra light rods used for?

Ultralight rods are great for catching relatively small fish species in shallow water. They are most often used to target trout, panfish, and yellow perch in creeks, ponds, and shallow areas of lakes.

What is the best lure to catch crappie?

Crappie Love Jigs, Grubs and Spinners

Try using a crappie jig. The Bass Pro Shops Maribou Jig might be one of the oldest, most well-known crappie baits out there. It’s a favorite of many crappie fishers. With a feather tail and a little furry body, they usually come in either 1/16 or 1/32 oz.

What is a crappie pole?

Crappie Fishing Poles and Rods

A limber crappie pole is specially designed for use in catching papermouths. They can be found anywhere from 9 to 14 feet. … In some models, the reels are actually built into the rod handle. Many of the long crappie poles come in multiple pieces that must be assembled before use.

What is the difference between a medium rod and a medium heavy rod?

A medium rod is perfect for this kind of hookset, as it has a good bend which ensures the line tightens into a fish’s mouth without blowing it out from too much force. A medium heavy can easily be pulled too hard as it has no bend to forgive a hookset that is too strong. That means you’ve lost a fish.

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Can you fish trout with a medium rod?

Rod and Reel for Trout Fishing

A medium-action spinning or casting rod with and complementary reel is a good starting place for conventional bait or lure fishing for trout. … A typical trout rod is about six feet in length, give or take.

What is medium fast rod?

Usually more frequently labeled as “medium fast”. These rods are a combination of a slow rod for pleasant casting and “feel” while also a faster rod to allow for greater distances, wind, or heavier flies/rigs. Scenarios: Medium Rods are versatile.

How deep should I fish for crappie?

Crappie like to spawn in areas of shallow water, usually around 2-to-4 feet deep, with cover such as brush, flooded timber or weeds, and with easy access to deeper water. In areas with murky water and thick cover, I have sometimes found them nearly on the bank.

How do banks find crappie?

One of the best ways to find and catch spring crappie from the bank is simply to cast a crappie jig, allow it to sink to the depth you want to work and swim it back slowly. This allows you to cover a lot of water to find fish, and it is effective, whether you want to work a foot deep or 8 feet down.