You asked: Who needs the fishing hook Link’s Awakening?

With the Fish Hook in hand, you’ll want to visit the Fisherman who is under the bridge in Martha’s Bay. You’ll need the Flippers from the Catfish’s Maw dungeon first. You’ll receive a Necklace in return.

What do I do with the Fishing Hook in Link’s Awakening?

The Fishing Hook is later given to the Fisherman found beneath the bridge in Martha’s Bay to replace the one he lost. In exchange for the Hook, the Fisherman promises to give Link his next catch, which turns out to be the Necklace.

Who do you give the Fishing Hook to in Link’s Awakening?

Talk to Grandma Yahoo on the south edge of town, just east of the library. (Later in the game, Grandma Yahoo will move to the northeast corner of Animal Village. If she’s not in Mabe Village, you should check there instead.) Give her the Broom, and she’ll give you a Fishing Hook.

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Who do you give the mermaid scale to in Link’s Awakening?

The Mermaid’s Scale is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Part of the trading quest for the Magnifying Lens, it can be obtained from Martha the mermaid, who has promised a scale from her tail to anyone who brings her Necklace back.

Where is the mermaid Necklace in Link’s Awakening?

The Mermaid’s Necklace, referred to in-game simply as Necklace, is an item featured in Link’s Awakening as part of the fourteen-item Trading Sequence. Link obtains the Necklace by approaching the Fisherman Under the Bridge in Martha’s Bay with Fishing Hook in hand.

How do you get the grappling hook in Link’s Awakening?

How to Get Hookshot in Link’s Awakening

  1. You won’t be able to get the hookshot until the fifth dungeon, Catfish’s Maw.
  2. You’ll find it organically in the dungeon after beating the skeleton mini-boss four times.
  3. You can then use it to pull yourself across gaps by attaching it to chests, blocks, and wooden pegs.

What should I trade Goriya?

Meet Goriya to get the Boomerang

Bomb the cracked wall to open a door. Inside, talk to Goriya (who you can only see now that you’ve got the Magnifying Glass). He’ll trade you the Boomerang for what you have equipped in one of your slots.

Who do I trade the pineapple to in Link’s Awakening?

The Pineapple is the seventh item in the game’s Trading Quest. It is received from the Chef Bear in Animal Village after giving her the Honeycomb for her dish. The Pineapple is later given to Papahl in Tal Tal Heights when he asks Link to give him something to eat. As thanks, Papahl gives him the Hibiscus.

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Who do you give the scale to in Zelda?

Link can take this to the mermaid in the northwest of Martha’s Bay. She complains that she has lost her necklace, and promises to give him a scale if he returns it. She keeps her promise and allows him to take only one scale. of the mermaid’s tail.

How do you get the mermaid scale?

The Scale is the thirteenth item in the game’s Trading Quest. It is obtained from Martha the Mermaid, who promises Link one of her Scales from her tail in return of her missing Necklace. The Scale is pivotal to complete “The Mourning Mermaid”, an unfinished Statue that Schule Donavitch sculpted in Martha’s Bay.

What do I do with the Flying Rooster?

Link can take the Flying Rooster into the Tal Tal Mountain Range. Within one of the many caves he will find a chasm that can only be crossed with the Flying Rooster’s help. After passing by this, he will obtain the Bird Key. The key will open Eagle’s Tower, the next dungeon.

Where can I find Grandma Ulrira?

Grandma Yahoo, also known as Grandma Ulrira, is a character from Link’s Awakening. She lives in Mabe Village in a house with Old Man Ulrira, where she is often seen sweeping outside of the house. Later in the game, she is found in the northeast of Animal Village.

What do I do with the magnifying glass in Zelda?

The Magnifying Lens can be used to find things not normally visible to the human eye, making it similar in function to the Lens of Truth. Using it allows Link to encounter a Goriya with whom he can trade certain items for a Boomerang in Toronbo Shores.

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Where is the deluxe shovel in Link’s Awakening?

In Link’s Awakening, the shovel is called the Deluxe Shovel, but is exactly the same as other shovels. It is available in the Town Tool Shop for 200 Rupees.