Where can I get a Delaware surf fishing tag?

Are Delaware surf tags available?

About Annual Surf Fishing Permits

Valid from January 1 through December 31. There is a sale cap of 17,000 annual surf fishing permits available for sale each year. Once that cap is reached, annual surf fishing permits will not be sold until the next year.

Do I need a permit to surf fish in Delaware?

The surf fishing vehicle permit serves as the permit-holder of record’s fishing license when fishing in designated Delaware State Park surf fishing areas, as long as all rules and regulations are followed. Other anglers must have valid fishing licenses issued by the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife.

How much is a Delaware surf fishing permit?

The off-peak permit fee for Delaware residents is $70, while the fee for out-of-state residents is $140. Delaware residents age 62 and older will receive a discounted rate of $60. Disappointed anglers who didn’t claim one of the coveted surf-fishing permits may be quick to blame out-of-staters for scooping up the tags.

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Do you need beach tags in Delaware?

The state of Delaware owns all of the beaches. Except for the state parks, there are no beach tags. Our state income taxes pay for the upkeep and sand replenishment.

Can you surf fish in Delaware?

Delaware State Park beaches are multi use, anyone can surf fish anywhere, but guarded beaches have time restrictions. Beach Plum Island State Park walk on is a little long. … Ample walk on space for anglers without vehicles, also drive on beach.

Are Delaware surf fishing beaches open?

Designated surf fishing beaches are open for other recreational activities. Caution must be exercised when sharing the beach. The beach ecosystem is very important and must be protected.

What beach can you drive on in Delaware?

Permit Requirements/What Beaches Allow Drive On

Our three main beaches are Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware Seashore State Park, and Fenwick Island State Park. All of these beaches offer drive-on surf-fishing with the proper vehicle permit.

Can you drive on Bowers Beach?

No town, boardwalk, or even a pier. Just a small Delaware bay beach located south of South Bowers beach. Driving onto the beach is difficult due to the loose sand and the fact it is a bay beach. … Fishing here is like any other Delaware bay beach.

What equipment do I need to drive on the beach in Delaware?

It’s a good idea to carry extra boards for traction, a tire pressure gauge, tow rope, shovel, air pump and spare tire. Never drive on sand dunes or vegetated areas. Remember: Always use a four-wheel drive vehicle. Never attempt to use vehicles with two- or all-wheel drive for the beach.

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Does Bethany beach require beach tags?

Dogs must be leashed and curbed at all times in Bethany Beach . Dogs are prohibited on the beach and boardwalk from May 15 to September 30. Licenses are required and tags must be worn at all times.

Are beaches free in Delaware?

Is there fee to use the beach? The municipal beaches are free. Admission to Delaware State Parks with ocean beaches (Cape Henlopen, Delaware Seashore and Fenwick Island state parks) is $5 for Delaware residents and $10 for non-residents.

Can you drive on Broadkill Beach?

Driving onto the beach is not really a niche activity in Delaware anymore. … Permits are free for Delaware firefighters and EMTs. The permits grant a truck or SUV access to spots at Broadkill Beach, Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware Seashore State Park and Fenwick Island State Park.

Can you drink alcohol in Delaware state parks?

Alcohol is permitted with the exception of beer kegs and glass bottles. The park also features a 24-hour boat ramp and a crabbing and fishing pier.

Do you have to pay for Rehoboth Beach?

Throughout the summer season (the Friday before Memorial Day through the second Sunday after Labor Day), parking in the City of Rehoboth Beach is by permit or via meters only. Parking permits are enforced from 10 am-5 pm, and metered spaces require payment from 10 am-10 pm. Parking is free after 4 pm Mondays.

How much does it cost to get into Lums Pond?

The resident daily pass booklet contains six passes and costs $20.00. Each pass grants a Delaware registered car 1 day’s admission to the park. The out of state daily pass booklet contains three passes and costs $20.00.

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