Where can I fish for striped bass in California?

California’s main areas that hold anadromous stripers are the San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Delta and river systems. In the striper world, anadromous fish are the big guys.

Where can you find striped bass in California?

In California, most striped bass are found in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and in the larger tributary rivers downstream from dams. Limited fisheries also exist in Tomales Bay and the Russian River, but outside of the aforementioned areas, sea-run striped bass are uncommon.

What lakes have striped bass in California?

Northern CA lakes offering striper fishing include Bucks Lake, Lake Mendocino and Los Vaqueros Reservoir. In Central CA, Millerton Lake, New Hogan Lake, San Luis Reservoir and The Delta are the primary options for striper fishing.

Where is the best striped bass fishing?

Overall, the home for saltwater striped bass fishing is the East Coast. Numerous fishing towns dot the map up and down the Atlantic Ocean. However, the best striper fishing in the country starts and ends with the Chesapeake Bay, Jersey Shore, and Massachusetts and New York coasts.

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What month is best for striped bass fishing?


  • Look for the season’s first linesiders in estuaries and back bays.
  • Bouncing bucktails and swim jigs in inlets is an effective early-season tactic.
  • The nighttime is the right time to find feeding stripers in the summer.
  • Rocky shorelines are magnets for migrating stripers during the fall run.

Are there striped bass in California?

In California, striped bass’ introduction to the SFE occurred in 1879, and the first recorded catch was just one year later in Monterey Bay (Smith 1895). In relatively rapid order, the species became fully established and supported a large commercial fishery (Scofield 1931).

What is the legal size for striped bass in California?

The recreational fishery for striped bass (Morone saxitilis) is open year-round with a daily bag and possession limit of two fish and a minimum size limit of 18 inches in length.

Where are the Delta stripers now?

Most of the local stripers spend their summers in the ocean or in San Francisco Bay. They re-enter the Delta during September and October, and some of the first places they’re caught are in the lower reaches of the Delta around the Pittsburgh and Antioch area, including Sherman Lake and Montezuma Slough.

Is striped bass good to eat?

Striped bass are among the most unique and most highly-targeted fish by surf anglers and others who fish along coastal areas. In fact, they are considered to be the best table fare of any fish within the bass family and their meat is very high in nutrients and flavor. …

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What is the best bait for striper fishing?

Striped Bass Baits

Live eels, spot, bunker, and herring will entice any larger striped bass to eat, but cutting fresh or frozen fish into chunks works well for striped bass of all sizes. Crabs, sand fleas, bloodworms, squid, and clams are optimized for smaller stripers.

Where can I fish on the California Aqueduct?

California Aqueduct offers 3 fishing sites in the Antelope Valley, 70th Street West Site, 77th East Site, and Munz Ranch Rd Site. Known for its catfish, striped bass, and carp.

Can you catch striped bass during the day?

Anyone can catch stripers consistently during the day if they have a plan, know what to use, pay attention to conditions and have a little luck. The first thing a surf fisherman looking for striped bass during daylight hours should do is divide the season into thirds; spring, summer and fall.

Where can I find white bass in California?

Lake Nacimiento is best known as the only lake in California that is stocked with white bass.