How do you get the dragon cat to go fishing?

Once the Dragon is chasing your line, you will need to reach the Mamo’s nest. Once at the nest, the Mamo will be intimidated by the Dragon and flee, allowing you to steal its egg. The egg can then be brought out of the cave and used to catch the Dragon.

What is the hardest fish to catch in Cat goes fishing?

The Cave Shark is a Huge grey fish with a streamlined body and eyes that appear half-closed. It is considered one of the hardest fish in the game to catch, and is also one of the most valuable (beaten by the extremely high-value fish like the Dragon, Josie and Sodafish).

How do I stop my cat swimming in fishing?

When unlocked, press ‘Q’ to swim. Move around using the arrow keys. Press ‘Ctrl’ to grab a fish (currently the only thing this does is let you hold onto a fish to see the swimming pattern). To return to the boat, swim to the boat and press ‘Q’ again.

How do you catch swordfish in cat go fishing?

Although it can theoretically be hooked using any Small fish, a particularly effective strategy for catching the Swordfish is to use a Puff as bait. The Puff can be found in the Open Ocean in small groups, and unlike other Small fish it cannot be eaten once hooked.

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Where is the Lamby in cat goes fishing?

The Lamby is found in the deep waters of the Silo, usually at around the same level as the Abyssal and Lampis or even deeper.