How do you fish in the sea Persona 4?

Use the Genji Beetle on your fishing rod. The player will notice a large splash as a sign for the Sea Guardian making its appearance. Keep fishing until it appears. Also, players have a higher chance of hooking the Sea Guardian during the rain or snow.

How do you fish at the beach in Persona 4?

To catch this fish, you’ll need the Inaba Jewel Beetle as bait, which you can catch at the Tatsuhime Shrine or in your garden during winter. You can only catch the fish when it’s raining or snowing! You’ll know it’s the Guardian the second you throw it in the water by the ripples.

How do you fish at the river Persona 4?

When it’s under water, a short mini-game will play out. Use the left analog stick to keep in the blue section (middle) of a meter. When in the blue section, press the Circle Button to start reeling in. If you read a certain book about fishing, you can perform a quick reel after reeling it in a certain distance.

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How do you catch fish in Persona 4 Golden?

Use the left stick to keep the marker in the center of the bar and when it’s in the blue portion of the bar, press the circle button to start reeling it in. As long as you only reel it in while the marker’s in the blue portion, you should be good. If not, the fish could wiggle away.

How do you fish sea guardians?

To catch the sea guardian you have to have Genji Beetles as bait and have to have caught the river guardian. It normally shows up on a rainy day on the beach , and if you don’t get the splash animation reel your rod back in and keep trying. You won’t lose your bait that way.

Where can I find fish bait Persona 4?

Bait / Bugs

Obtained from the Shiroku Pub in the Central Shopping District at night. Give the woman a which ever bug she asks for. Once a day only. When used as bait at the river, can attract Genji Ayu or Amber Seema.

How do you unlock the beach in Persona 4?

To unlock this location, the protagonist has to “Take a Long Ride” on the scooter three times. Upon unlocking, he has three activities to do there – “Fish”, “Gaze out to sea”, or “Swim”.

How do you fish persona?

Once you’ve unlocked it fishing is a relatively simple task. Simply cast your line and wait until you have a bite, then hit the circle button. A gauge will appear on screen and you’ll want to keep the lure in the red zone by hitting circle, until you’ve reeled the fish in.

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How do you unlock fishing p5?

To unlock the ability to fish, players will first need to read a specific book called Fishpond Spotter. Alternatively, players can wait for an invitations from Ryuji to unlock the fishing area and the mini game.

How do you get the red goldfish in Persona 4?

Getting the Red Goldfish in Persona 4 Golden

Bread crumbs are used for fishing and they can help attract the Red Goldfish specifically at the Samegawa Riverbank.

How do I raise my courage in Persona 4?

How To Raise Courage in Persona 4 Golden

  1. Go to Aiya’s and eat Tofu to increase Courage. …
  2. Look at the Bulletin Board for part-time jobs in the North Shopping District.
  3. Pick up a part-time job in the hospital.
  4. Eating the Rainy Day Special at the restaurant will increase courage as well as other social stats.

Can you catch bugs at night Persona 4?

Persona 4 Golden

The protagonist must go to Tatsuhime Shrine at night (Courage rank 2 required) after talking to the boy and talk to the woman in white. Once done, talk to the boy the next day and you will obtain the bug net. … The protagonist can catch bugs at both daytime and night.

Does catching bugs pass time Persona 4?

As a reward for swinging perfectly, not only do you get the trophy (only the first perfect swing), you’ll get an extra 2 bugs (or 3, if you’ve read the bug-catching books). Note: Catching bugs does not “spend time”.

How do I find a sea guardian?

The Elder Guardians who inhabit the ocean monument cast a spell called Mining Fatigue when you enter within sight — normally Elder Guardians spawn inside the ocean monument, but they will sometimes spawn outside. If you’re sailing around and get hit with Mining Fatigue, you’ll know that you’re close.

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Can you catch the guardian at night p4g?

The Samegawa’s Guardian is simply called the Guardian in-game. The fish can be caught on rainy days or any day during the month of December. … However, if you’ve waited until after December the Guardian can also be caught at any point in the snow or at night during January.