Frequent question: Do you need a fishing license in Hilton Head?

You need a license for all sport fishing no matter where you cast your line—a boat, the pier, or the beach. Most Hilton Head Island fishing charter trips include a fishing license for you and your guests during the trip.

Do you need a license to fish from shore in South Carolina?

Can I fish on the beach, and do I need a license? Yes, you may fish on the beach, but South Carolina requires a license to fish from the surf. No license is needed to fish from a public fishing pier.

Can you fish on Hilton Head Island?

One of the most famous pastimes that Hilton Head Island is known for is fishing. The water surrounding the Island is teeming with Redfish, Trout, Flounder, Tarpon, Black Drum and more. Whether you’re fishing for sport or leisure, Hilton Head has something for everyone looking to enjoy the island’s beautiful waters.

What is the fine for fishing without a license in SC?

A person convicted of violating this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be fined not less than fifty nor more than five hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than thirty days.

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Who needs a fishing license in SC?

In South Carolina, everyone 16 and older is required to obtain a fishing license. And that’s true whether you’re a resident or visitor to the state. Anglers must keep their license in their position while engaging in fishing activities.

Do seniors need a fishing license in South Carolina?

Senior Lifetime License

A person who has been a resident of SC for 180 days or longer and has reached the age of 64 may apply for a Lifetime License for $9.00. The license is valid for Freshwater Fishing, Freshwater Set Hook, Saltwater Fishing State Hunting, Big Game, WMA and Migratory Waterfowl.

Can I fish in SC with a NC fishing license?

There are no reciprocal agreements between North Carolina and South Carolina that provide for the honoring of the other state’s fishing licenses on any boundary waters.

Is it illegal to fish with corn in SC?

(C) It is unlawful to use or possess corn, cheese, fish eggs, or imitations of them on Lake Jocassee.

How do you get a South Carolina fishing license?

To purchase your license, go to

The new hunting and fishing licensing system provides customers three convenient purchasing options:

  1. directly through the state’s official Web site,,
  2. by phone, and.
  3. at authorized point-of-sale agents (over 230 statewide).

Where is the best fishing in Hilton Head?

The 7 Best Fishing Spots Near Hilton Head

  • Chaplin Community Park. Whiting, redfish and croakers are waiting in the surf near Chaplin. …
  • Pinckney Island. …
  • Sergeant Jasper Park. …
  • Sea Pines Forest Preserve. …
  • Jarvis Creek Park. …
  • Fish Haul Beach. …
  • Rose Hill.
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What fish can you keep in Hilton Head?

Redfish and Bluefish are the main targets in the surf, along with the occasional Jack or Tarpon when in season. Trout, Flounder, and Sheepshead are all common in some spots. Head to the local parks, and you can even enjoy freshwater fishing for Bass and various Sunfish. The one thing you can’t catch is a Shark.

Can you fish at night in South Carolina?

Night fishing prohibited.

Can I get a SC fishing license at Walmart?

Yep, you can easily obtain a fishing license from a Walmart store, as long as it’s one that has a Sports & Outdoors section. A Walmart fishing license is the same kind that’s issued by the state. It affords you the same rights and privileges on public waters.

Can local police check fishing license?

Absolutely. Just because an officer isn’t sporting a fish and game officer’s (F&G) uniform doesn’t mean they cannot ask you to produce a fishing or hunting license. In some areas, the job of verifying such licensing falls on the shoulders of sheriffs deputies.