Can you fish in Honolulu Harbor?

Honolulu Harbor is the primary port on the southern coast of O’ahu. Commercial Marine licensees with a Bait License may take baitfish during periods scheduled by the harbor master. Unlawful to take fish by means of any draw, drag or seine net. All boaters must be in contact with the harbor controller (VHF Ch.

Can you fish from the shore in Hawaii?


You can get plenty of excitement fishing in Hawaii without a boat. Drive down the coastline of any of the Islands and you’ll see lines of poles set up in the sand or on the rocks. Shore fishing may mean smaller catches, but it brings a lot of advantages in exchange.

Where can I fish in Honolulu?

Oahu Fishing Spots

Oahu offers some of the best fishing spots in Hawaii. These include Waialua Bay Pier in Haleiwa, Kaena Point, Makai Pier, Bamboo Ridge, Heeia Pier, Laie Point, Lake Wilson Freshwater in Wahiawa (license required), Haleiwa Alii Beach Park in Haleiwa, Ewa Beach Park, and Pokai Bay in Waianae.

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Do you need a license to fish from shore in Hawaii?

If you’re looking forward to shoreline or boat fishing in Hawai’i’s ocean waters, you may be pleased to know that no license is required for marine recreational fishing. But if you want to do some freshwater fishing, a Freshwater Game Fishing License is required in order to take introduced freshwater game fish.

Can you fish in Honolulu?

Fishing Regulations in Honolulu

Whether you’re fishing on your own or with a charter, you’re allowed to fish without a license. However, there are spots like Honolulu Harbor and Waikiki-Diamond Head Shoreline that have special regulations.

Can you fish in Waikiki Beach?

Today marks the opening of the Waikiki-Diamond Head Shoreline Fisheries Management Area. The management area is open to fishing during even-numbered years and closed during odd-numbered years. …

Can you fish at night in Hawaii?

Depending on what we’re aiming to catch, we might bring additional supplies as well. Some people go deep sea fishing at night in Hawaii for the unique atmosphere night fishing lends. It feels like civilization disappears out there. It’s just you and the ocean.

Which Hawaiian island is best for fishing?

The best island for fishing in Hawaii has to be the Big Island. It has the largest charter fleet and the most legendary fishing grounds. The Big Island’s main sportfishing hotspot, Kailua-Kona, even made it onto our ultimate angling bucket list.

What years can you fish in Waikiki?

from January 1 to December 31 of odd-numbered years. To fish for, take or possess any legal size marine life in season during the “open to fishing” period, provided that only hook-and-line, thrownet, handnet to land hooked fish, and spear fishing and hand harvesting methods are employed.

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Is fishing good in Oahu?

While you can catch a variety of species just about anywhere around these islands, fishing in Oahu is some of the best you’ll find in this part of the world. … Oahu boasts premier deep sea fishing and if you plan on giving it a try, read on for all the info you need to start planning your trip.

How much is a fishing license in Honolulu Hawaii?

Resident – $6.00. Non-Resident – $26.00. 7-day Tourist – $11.00. 30-day Tourist – $21.00.

Do you need a fishing license in Honolulu?

HONOLULU, Hawaiʻi – Visitors will need to purchase a marine recreational fishing license in order to fish from the shoreline or a boat in Hawaiian waters. … It establishes and requires a marine recreational fishing license for all non-Hawai’i residents.

What fish are illegal to catch in Hawaii?

Hawaii Fish Size and Limits

Species Size Rules
Uhu palukaluka 14 inches Rules only apply on Maui
Ulua and Papio 10 inches recreational and 16 inches for sale
Kumu 10 inches (except Maui); 12 inches on Maui
Moano 7 inches; 8 inches for Maui

Can you fish anywhere in Hawaii?

Don’t just fish anywhere, take the time to research. … Anyone can fish with a pole on the ocean shores of Hawaii without a salt-water fishing license. The regulations in place are more about spearfishing, freshwater fishing, and selling your catch.

Where can I fish in Waikiki?

The Best 10 Fishing near Waikiki, Honolulu, HI

  • Ruckus Sportfishing and Diving. 2.1 mi. 37 reviews. …
  • Waikiki Sport Fishing. 0.4 mi. Boat Charters, Boating, Fishing. …
  • Brian’s Fishing Supply. 1.9 mi. …
  • Blue Nun Sport Fishing. 2.1 mi. …
  • J Hara Store. 1.6 mi. …
  • Charley’s Fishing Supply. 2.6 mi. …
  • Holokai Catamaran. 0.3 mi. …
  • Blue Ocean Hawaii. 1.0 mi.
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