Best answer: Is there good fishing in Maui?

Kahului: If you’re in central Maui, don’t miss out on the great fishing out of Kahului. The Kahului harbor is a great spot to target Jack Crevalle and Bonefish. If you’re looking for the likes of Tuna and Marlin, there are plenty of charters as well.

Is the fishing good in Maui?

The island boasts access to some of the most prolific offshore waters in the world. However, it also offers amazing inshore fishing with its stunning beaches. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ways of fishing on Maui.

Where is the best fishing in Maui?

Where Are the Best Fishing Spots?

  • Kalama Park in Kihei.
  • Black Rock in Kaanapali.
  • Kahului Harbor.
  • Baldwin Beach Park.

What kind of fish can you catch in Maui?

The waters around Maui are home to the Pacific Blue, Striped and Short Billed Marlin, the Skipjack and Yellow Fin Tuna, Mahi-mahi, Wahoo (Ono), Trevally, Shark, Barracuda, and Hawaiian Salmon. These are the same fish you’ll find on the dinner menu at your favorite seafood restaurant most nights.

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What fish are in season in Maui?

The best fishing timeframe for Maui is May through September for marlin, sailfish, mahi mahi, bigeye tuna, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and skipjack tuna. February through April is the best fishing window for trevally. May through September is the best fishing window for blue marlin.

Is fishing better in Maui or Kauai?

Sportfish Hawaii mentioned that Kauai has rougher waters, but you get to the fishing spots quicker, while Maui has calmer waters, but it takes 45 minutes or so to get to the good fishing spots.

Can I fish anywhere in Maui?

Fishing is strictly prohibited at the Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve (but the snorkeling is out of this world). Everywhere else on Maui is fair game. Of course, you should also familiarize yourself with the minimum size and size and weights of fish you will be attempting to catch.

Do I need a license to fish in Maui?

Do I need to get a license or permit to fish in the ocean? There is no marine recreational fishing license in Hawai’i for residents, and although one is in the works for visitors it hasn’t been implemented yet. So you don’t need to worry about that as long as you don’t sell your catch.

Is there Trout on Maui?

Over 95% of the catch occurs from the Pu’u Lua Reservoir, where anglers have chances to catch trout from last year’s stock. Last year, 3,381 anglers caught 20,129 trout with the largest one caught on July 30th measuring 18.5 inches and weighing 3 pounds 4 ounces.

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Do I need fishing license in Hawaii?

One perk about fishing in Hawaii is that you don’t need a marine recreational fishing license in Hawaii for both residents and visitors of the islands. The only rule is that you are not allowed to sell your catch. If you are looking to go freshwater fishing, you’ll need a Freshwater Game Fishing license.

Which Hawaiian island has the best fishing?

The best island for fishing in Hawaii has to be the Big Island. It has the largest charter fleet and the most legendary fishing grounds. The Big Island’s main sportfishing hotspot, Kailua-Kona, even made it onto our ultimate angling bucket list.

Can you keep the fish you catch in Hawaii?

When you book a fishing charter on Maui, whether it is deep-sea sport fishing or shallow water bottom fishing, you will get to keep at least a portion of your catch. Every vessel and captain has their own “tag and release” policy. … State law prohibits you from selling your sport catch.

Can you catch lobsters in Hawaii?

Every year, the waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands attract lobster hunters from all over the world. The two main species of lobster are the endemic spiny lobster and the slipper lobster. … These islands are a valuable resource, as they average 600 metric tons of lobster a year.

What is bottom fishing in Maui?

Bottom fishing on Maui is done with the boat stopped, sometimes anchored but usually drifting over favored locations known to support fish such as jacks, snapper, wrasse, goatfish, and more. Fish caught bottom fishing are generally smaller than what you’d catch sport fishing, usually weighing no more than 1-5 pounds.

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Does Maui have good deep sea fishing?

Whether you’re a novice or experienced sportfishing enthusiast, you’ll discover that deep sea fishing off Maui Hawaii is unlike any other sportfishing experience you’ve ever had. … On our Maui trips you’ll have a chance to hook up to a variety of marlin species, mahi mahi (dorado), ahi (tuna), ono (wahoo) and more.

What is the best month for fishing?

Fishing can come alive in the dead of winter on a mild afternoon, but spring and fall usually present the best action. Generally, I try to avoid extremes of heat and cold and times when the water temperature falls rapidly. My best days tend to happen when the temperatures are mild and the weather conditions stable.